Disruptive Justice

Binding, Confidential, Expedited justice – Free of administrative services costs.

You only pay for the Neutrals’ time.

The New York State Arbitration Alternative, Corp., (“NYSAA”) is the fastest binding, confidential dispute resolution program in America. Within 30 days for disputes for an aggregate of up to $250,000 and within 90 days processes for cases involving matters of more than $250,000 at stake; The NYSAA serves justice, rapidly no matter how complex a dispute is.

By combining technology and available Neutrals as well as offering the opportunity to arbitrate or mediate online, or through our vast network of conference rooms, the NYSAA provides today the most comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in America in a New York Minute. With the NYSAA the parties can resolve their disputes with our professional independent neutrals, swiftly and in confidence.

Industry experts, religious leaders, retired judges and practicing attorneys form the core of our Neutrals and have been vetted from an ethical, logical and personal background check to render a more efficient customized justice.

The NYSAA is an effective alternative to long trials and costly AAA proceedings without hidden fees to the NYSAA and solely at the cost of the hourly rates for the Arbitrators. Disputes can be resolved within a short time frame at a cost-effective price point. Our system is the fastest binding legal alternative for a valid judgement.

“Judges should decide legal disputes. Judges should not make law.”

– Joseph Wapner

The legal community has been frustrated with the case backlog within the National and especially New York court system and the exorbitant costs and useless motion practice and lengthy unnecessary procedures that come with it. Those same frustrations also exist with the American Arbitration Alternative (AAA), or the JAMS which were originally intended to ease those frustrations yet have both exorbitant costs and surprising large participation fees associated with rendering justice. Why would the cost of justice be a percentage of your claim? How is that fair or reasonable?

Thus, the NYSAA a for profit corporation, has been established to provide a quick, fair, pertinent, confidential and binding proceeding for busy New Yorkers at fair costs. Open to all commercial practice with a strong emphasis in Real Estate, the Diamond Industry, Crypto-Currency and Blockchain industry worldwide, know how in Disruptive Startups Industry, Financial Contracts, Hedge Fund partnership disputes, Hospitality B2C disputes, Freight Disputes, various commercial disputes, even labor and employment disputes, insurance claims disputes, contractors and service providers dispute, real estate broker’s fee disputes, attorneys’ fee disputes, or merely any other contractual dispute, the NYSAA’s process is second to none.


Above $250,000 90 days procedure

  1. Claimant Serves Respondent After Claimant obtained an Index Number, it must serves all Respondent(s). Service of Process requires the use of a process server pre-approved by the NYSAA (any contractual notices of service will be recognized by the NYSAA) . The clock starts from the Affidavit of Service from the Process server or Claimant(s) attorney.

    1st days
  2. Respondent(s) Answer "Once Services was completed within 15 business days Respondent(s) Provide their answer and counterclaim if any.

    15 days
  3. Arbitration Selection The parties will be provided with a list of pertinent Arbitrators to chose from- (within 15 days from the Respondent(s) Answer and/or Counterclaim. Claimant has by the date of Arbitration Selection filed its Response and Amended Claim.)

    30 days
  4. Preliminary Hearing The Presiding Arbitrator will help coordinate the process and issues arising - all Witness Depositions must be provided on that day- (form the Preliminary hearing till the date of the Hearing the parties are allowed to mediate with the NYSAA selected mediator)

    40 days
  5. Information Exchange All Pertinent files and documents are uploaded on the case management system including Exhibits and Deposition Transcripts (Depositions of Witness stops the clock until completed)

    60 days
  6. Hearings Hearings (1 to 3 neutrals up to about 5 days max of hearings for due process) Hearings maybe "online" video conferences or in a reserved location in person at the option of the parties.

    70 days
  7. Post Hearing Submission The attorneys of all parties will file their conclusions and briefs for the Arbitrator(s)'s review, and determination.

    80 days
  8. Award/Decision Award (the Neutral(s) will issue a binding decision within 90th business day.)

    90 days
  9. Right to Appeal (Appeal may be allowed based on limited causes of action within 10 business days from the Award.)

    +10 days

Upto $250,000 30 days procedure

  1. Claimant Serves Respondent Claimant Serves Respondent (Service of process requires an official process server pre approved by the NYSAA.) the clock starts from the filing of the affidavit of Services. Any contractual Notice of service is approved by the NYSAA as well.

    1st days
  2. Respondent Answer Respondent(s) has 10 business days from the date of service to Answer and file a counter claim. The NYSAA allows to extend it till the 15th day if needed.

    10 days
  3. Arbitration Selection Arbitration Selection, a list of Neutrals to choose Neutrals to select from.) The Claimant(s) has 5 business days to answer and amend its claim from that date.

    15 days
  4. Preliminary Hearing The Arbitrator will help coordinate the process and issues - all Witness Depositions must be provided on that day- for scheduling.

    20 days
  5. Information Exchange nformation and Exhibits (all briefs must be filed and all supporting Exhibits with it.) Including Deposition Transcripts (Deposition stops the clock).

    25 days
  6. Hearings Hearing (hearing is to be held no longer than 2 days)

    30 days
  7. Award/Decision A Biding Decision will be made either on the hearing date or within 5 business days . Any written decision will be at the request of the parties.

    35 days
  8. Appeal For special causes of actions issues such as conflicts of interests of the Neutral or gross misinterpretation of the Laws may the Appealing party after posting a bond file for Appeal.

    +10 days

NYSAA Practice Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Airline Passenger and Freight Dispute

Attorneys Fees and Retainers

Blockchain & Crypto ADR

Commercial Leases


Diamond Industry

Freight Dispute Resolution

General Commercial Disputes

Hospitality Industry B2C disputes

Insurance claims

Labor and Employment Disputes

Other ADR

Real Estate Broker Disputes

Real Estate



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